Do animation while living like vacation.

Parsec’s peer-to-peer desktop streaming technology is tuned to eliminate latency and give the smooth, detailed playback animators need.

See your creations in full fidelity

Parsec’s remote streaming technology lets creatives working in special effects, animation, motion graphics, and more work when inspiration strikes. With near zero latency, precise color, and perfect control, you’ll forget you’re working from home, whenever you want.

Your remote animation studio

Peer-to-peer, encrypted streaming and instantaneous live connections means your projects never leave your hardware. Spend less time passing files around and more time making incredible work.

The creative world is working from anywhere

What makes Parsec perfect for remote animation? It’s the Parsec for Teams features:

  • icon_444

    4:4:4: color mode

    Use Parsec for Teams’s improved color mode to get precise, perfect colors when working with detailed stills

  • tablet1x

    Drawing tablet support

    Full pressure and tilt sensitive drawing tablet inputs gives animators the workflows and settings they’re used to.

  • collaboration1x

    Instant collaboration

    Share a link and work from the same computer, letting interdisciplinary teams work together and review work live.

  • multimonitor_support1x

    Multi-monitor support

    Flexible display options to recreate the environments you’re used to. Manage their settings independently, and create a perfect home office.

  • icon_artist

    On-demand projects

    No more waiting for a render to finish. Jump in and out of workstations on the fly to get more out of your workday.

  • icon_organizestreams

    Enterprise controls

    Take advantage of granular permissions management and a high-performance relay server to add even more performance & security on top of Parsec.

See how graphics teams use Parsec

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