Remote computer assisted anything

Whether doing daily work in CAD, modeling an interior, or running simulations, Parsec provides the most performant workstation access on the planet.

Seamless, secure remote access, tuned to perform

Parsec’s battle tested by the most demanding media: gaming. That means smooth, seamless remote access to 3D graphics is our bread and butter. With best-in-class responsiveness, incredible color accuracy, and a simple interface, Parsec’s at the foundation of remote creative work.

Learn the basics for yourself

Your remote workplace

Whether your infrastructure's on-prem or in the cloud, Parsec gives you all the tools you need to get your team up and operational. End users enjoy quick collaboration and immediate access, while admins have all the controls they need.

The flexible workplace is here.

Parsec's features make it perfect for flexible architecture teams everywhere

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    Perfect color

    Parsec for Teams members get 4:4:4 color mode, improving contrast and making fine details stand out.

  • collaboration1x

    Single click collaboration

    Hit share and send a link to a co-worker, and they're suddenly working right alongside you. It's that easy.

  • multimonitor_support1x

    Multi-monitor streaming

    Flexible displays let you create super powered home offices. Manage screens independently to get things just right.

  • icon_multitask

    Simultaneous connections

    Connect multiple people to the same computer at the same time to observe, review work, test implementations, and more.

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    Drawing tablet support

    Full pressure and tilt sensitive drawing tablet inputs mean accurate control over your workstation.

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    Enterprise controls

    Use granular permissions management, a high performance relay server, and the Teams API to build Parsec into your existing infrastructure.

Evergreen Engineering powers remote work through Parsec

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