Make the right impression

Parsec powers remote gameplay demonstrations for the most anticipated titles, from AAA powerhouses to indie darlings.

Stop with the download codes

Parsec's Guest Access feature lets you give players direct access to machines actually running your game. That means crucial project files stay safe and secure, and you keep total control over your demo experience.

Learn how Parsec powers playtesting and research

Secure, scheduled demo sessions

Parsec for Teams customers can schedule play sessions in advance, allowing companies to easily run large scale demos. Players get a unique link and are connected through a peer-to-peer, encrypted session. Plus, with our API, Enterprises can customize and automate the entire process.

Paradox Interactive's grand remote LAN party

Parsec for Teams includes a suite of features tailor made for remote gameplay demos:

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    Secure guest access

    All traffic is encrypted, and never touches our servers. Guest players are *actually* connected to your studio’s hardware, and can only see and interact with what you want them to see.

  • icon_observation

    Seamless observation

    Multiple people can connect to the same computer at the same time. That means a member of your team can be in a guest session to watch and guide a player through your game.

  • icon_gamepadsupport

    Precise gamepad control

    With near zero input lag, Parsec gives players accurate, full fidelity control over games, whether on a controller or through a keyboard and mouse.

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    Automated play sessions

    Parsec customers on an Enterprise plan can leverage the Parsec for Teams API to take full control of the invitation process. Make your own invites, customize your messaging, and set-up computers with simple scripts.

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    Easy scheduling

    Create and send an invite, assign a player to a specific computer, and manage sessions in real-time right from the Parsec for Teams admin panel. It’s your control center for demos and events.

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    Granular admin roles

    Let the right folks manage guest connections. A Guest Access Manager role lets you assign someone from the right team without breaking other workflows.

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