Built for building games

Parsec's peer-to-peer desktop streaming is battle tested by millions of gamers. Great for gaming means great for game development.

Performance for every stage of game dev

Making the most demanding media requires the most performant remote desktop. Whether you’re creating art, writing code, implementing audio, or testing builds, Parsec gives you near zero latency and picture perfect access to your games.

Learn how Parsec powers playtesting and research

Secure hardware access on-prem or in the cloud

Group team members by discipline, provision machines and assign them to individuals or groups, and assign machines to the right individuals, manage your team, and assign members to the right machines. Parsec connects your entire team to your hardware, whether its on-prem or in the cloud.

Ubisoft takes remote demos forward

Parsec for Teams features make remote game development possible:

  • icon_peertopeer

    Secure P2P streaming

    Parsec traffic is encrypted, and never touches our servers. Plus enforced SSO and Team Computer management make your broadcasts even safer.

  • collaboration1x

    Instant collaboration

    Share a link and work from the same computer, letting editors and artists work together and review work live.

  • multimonitor_support1x

    Multi-monitor support

    Flexible display options to recreate the environments you’re used to. Manage monitor settings independently, and create a perfect home office.

  • icon_gamepadsupport

    Precise gamepad control

    With near zero input lag, Parsec gives you full fidelity control over games. Plug in a pad or a keyboard and mouse, and it just works.

  • icon_guestaccess

    Guest access

    Invite outside players, VIPs, or testers for scheduled sessions with your games.

  • icon_organizestreams

    Enterprise controls

    Take advantage of granular permissions management and a high-performance relay server to add even more performance & security on top of Parsec.

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